Holders of the Right of Interment Information

Information for Holders of the Right of Interment and their families, relatives and friends.

Under the Cemeteries & Crematoria Act (2003) and the Cemeteries & Crematoria Regulations 2015, the Cemetery Trust is obliged to establish rules for the management of the cemetery (S.180 of the Act) including:

the structure, maintenance and management of memorials, places of interment & buildings for ceremonies in public cemeteries”

As such the following rules apply to the Yan Yean Cemetery.

LAWN GRAVES: (Rules 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

➢      A plaque and cemetery supplied vase(s) on the concrete beam is allowed.

➢      No other receptacles, e.g. jars, vases, tin cans, ornaments, etc. are permitted.

➢      Flowers, trees, shrubs, fences, candle boxes, toys, ornaments, etc. are not permitted on the lawn.

➢      Any floral arrangement placed on the concrete beam must remain within the grave site boundaries.

➢      All unauthorised items will be removed.


➢      A monument may be constructed on the grave site using solid rock (e.g. granite) or concrete.

➢      All monuments must be first approved by the Trust.

➢      Bricks and masonry blocks are not permitted building materials.

➢      Timber fences, grave surrounds are not permitted.

➢      Planting of trees, shrubs and other plants is not permitted on or near the grave site.


Ornaments, candle boxes, tools and any other item must not encroach on another grave or on walkways. Any item contravening this requirement will be removed.

Seats and benches are not permitted anywhere in the cemetery without written approval from the Trust.

Under no circumstances can cars be parked on lawns or roads (or side of roadway). There is allocated parking areas, on Cades Road before you enter the cemetery and inside the cemetery grounds near the toilet blocks.

The chapel is used only for services booked through the office, gatherings are not to be held under the chapel’s entrance at any time, there is a gazebo near the toilets for this purpose. Strictly no food or drinks in the chapel area (inside or outside).

Road rules apply within the cemetery, please read and respect all signs and speed limits, the roads are shared walkways with pedestrians.

Thank you for your understanding.

Yan Yean Cemetery Trust