Deceased Search

To conduct a deceased search or to view our cemetery map, please click on the link below, you will be redirect to 'Chronicle'.

Here you will be able to navigate the interactive mapping system of Yan Yean Cemetery where you can view and search deceased records. When zooming in, more information is revealed.


Deceased Search

At the top right side, there is a ‘search’ bar, enter the details for the person you wish to search, you can enter either the full name or part of, for example the surname, a drop-down list will appear, 'click' on the correct name you are searching, the grave site on the map will be shown.

There is a panel on the left side, with information regarding the interment/s and if known, the dates of birth and death.

For a printout, please click on the ‘PDF REPORT’, a PDF map will appear in a new screen (tab), make sure your pop-up blocker is off.